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Exposure! Vigilance officialdoms 7 kinds this " tw









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[study group is pressed]
Study group is recommended read " study times " published article " analyse " two sides person " feature of partial types of facial makeup in operas " .
Review close Ping Cengxiang all has talked " two sides person " problem, he says:
I had said " two sides person " problem, a large number of cases make clear, within the party a few people are in this side issue is very outstanding. Some cultivate one's morality are not repaired really, belief is not believed really, can pretend very much, like to be performed beautiful, duplicity, deceive one's superiors and delude one's subordinates, say, do, on the stage one, below the stage one, present, rear, the artifice is very tall; Some open circumstances want Party member, cadre sturdy and good faith, privately oneself are irreverent the common people respects ghosts and gods, religiosity is geomantic, superstitious " Great Master " ; Some is oral on make known one's position adamantine anti-corruption is defeated, do not examine minutely to involving the problem clew that leads a cadre privately, do not report; Some dehisce " clean-fingered " , close a mouth " clear " , below illicit mad however accumulate wealth by unfair means. This kind janus-faced " two sides person " , very big to party and people facilities harm, must discern them in time come out, cleared go out.
-- in the 18th the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection the speech on the 6th plenary session (on January 12, 2016)
And in " analyse " two sides person " feature of partial types of facial makeup in operas " in one article, summed up at 7 o'clock " two sides person " specific characteristic, be worth everybody vigilant. Final summary says the article, "The history is best ' monster-revealing mirror ' , masses is final judge member " , this hope is broad leader cadre engrave.
Analyse " two sides person " feature of partial types of facial makeup in operas
Xi Jinping's secretary-general goes out in the middle finger of 19 big reports of the party, new era is adamantine comprehensive from Yan Zhi party, must place political construction in the first place. Entire party wants " promote fair and faithful simple minded, decent, be practical and realistic, Qing Zhenglian the value watchs clean equivalence " " object doing stoutly two-faced, do two sides person " . Current, "Two sides person " although the phenomenon belongs to a Party member to lead the issue that seldom counts in the cadre only, but the interest harm that reachs people to party and national enterprise is great. Analyse " two sides person " feature of partial types of facial makeup in operas, clairvoyant their inner world, conduce to Party member cadre recognize pledges actually and be being endangered, from mixed in violating discipline to violate case, deep derive is taught a lesson, be boycotted stoutly and eliminate cause two-facedly spread.
On the stage talk about Marx high, the stage leaves superstitious and geomantic division. Current, a few people in Party member cadre are in world outlook, philosophy, viewpoint of value this thought " master switch " on gave an issue, on spirit be short of badly " calcic " , lose politics to decide force, good faith of the Communist is interpreted greatly before the person, read aloud to viewpoint of value of past west regime however rear and lifestyle; Mass rally is small can say belief " burn with righteous indignation " , mix in order to criticize however privately sneer at the Marxism is " vogue " , for stunt; Oral on say to rely on masses to believe a party, be fond of fortune-telling to see photograph, burn joss sticks do obeisance to Buddha actually, "Ask plan at the god " . Every this a variety of, lose a Party member completely to lead the cadre's radical politics quality and behavior standard. Study carries out 19 great mind, inevitable requirement Party member leads a cadre with strict party inside political life hammers into shape sturdy good faith, stand fast Communist spirit pursuit, what establish good Communist to settle down and get on with one's pursuit from beginning to end is essential. This is the postulate that serves as a communist, also be pair of leader cadres most the political requirement of at least.
Tell discipline to the person, right oneself do flexible. Of the party 19 big new revise " Chinese Communist constitution " regulation, go up in the road forever from Yan Zhi party in the round, "Insist to depend on compasses control a faction, administer thoroughly, insist to hold out discipline in front, strengthen sex of constituent sex discipline, everybody is equal before the discipline in the party " . All Party member abides by discipline non-privileged, executive discipline does not have exception, allow to exist not to get the special organization that discipline restrains and special Party member anything but within the party. But in reality, still cadre of a few Party members knows coma of ambiguous, thought, consciousness to political discipline thin, be interested in the thought credo of a few mistakes quite, to a few popularity " go regular " religiosity not doubt. This kind of person is apparently old the catchword that cries to keep consistent with the Party Central Committee, do greatly privately " on have policy, next having countermeasure " discount flexible; In bright ground " defend discipline to interpret rule " hang on the mouth, write on paper, actually however " say, do " , change " strong resistance " for " soft boycott " , furtive even absurd views the theory of the party and course policy policy; Requirement other and party " be of one heart and one mind " , oneself however " be in in Cao Ying heart personally Chinese " , do even " naked official " , prepare at any time " jump boat " " run road " . To telling the harm of political discipline and political custom, xi Jinping's secretary-general emphasizes explicitly very: "The cadre is in political give an issue, the harm to the party no less than corrupt problems, some is more serious than corrupt problem even. " cadre of Party member leader answers cogent increase " 4 consciousness " , strictly observe political discipline and political custom to hold out in the first place, abide by awe-strickenly, strictly sincerely, real play discipline serves as electrified " high tension line " action.
Be brave in to take on on the mouth, in the heart timid avoid let. Daring to take on is the main demand of behavior of pair of Party member cadre. " fall about new condition within the party a certain number of criterion that politics lives " emphasize, "Party member, cadre especially advanced cadre cannot be on the hedge before major issues of principle, cannot shake basic politics footing, cannot be controlled by place of wrong opinion on public affairs. Be damaged when people interest, party and national figure are destroyed, of the party be in office when the position is browbeaten, should come out boldly, show an attitude, launch a fight actively stoutly. " but, of one mind of keep on saying of cadre of a few Party members is altruistic and fair, dauntless, actually be related considers for oneself first currently, do its worry about a person's gains and losses, overpay goes out to felt to be in an unfavorable situation; Often tell should " bright sword " , when " soldier " and do not do " gent " , but before problem of major issues of principle however " cherish feather " , be worldly wise and make oneself safe is provoked in the politics that involves principle issue, when " a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle " ; When making known his position to masses to superior, want vaguely none diligent politics not lazy politics, but actually muddle-headed however do " official of peace and tranquility " " free official " , ignorant gets along, dare not take on, do not wish to take on; When giving an issue, vow solemnly talk responsible, gave a problem to dare be not faced up to, dare not report, hiding assist move, covering to be being built, lost feel pulse curative optimal opportunity, small issue leads to old common practice, create global sex problem finally. New era, new condition, new job, call hour of Party member cadre not to neglect his identity and duty, in the party love party, care party allows a party, face dispute to dare to shine in time sword, it is difficult to face contradiction to dare to greet and go up, face the crisis to dare come out boldly, face error to dare to assume responsibility, face evil wind evil influence to dare to struggle stoutly, the principle that holds to a party from beginning to end the first, the career of the party the first, people interest the first.
Turn over to going up " 4 wind " , to leaving show one's authority. Support or oppose of popular feeling of style problem relation, of relation party be in office foundation. Current, in a few leader the cadre goes up personally, "4 wind " silk did not break sentiment, root was not divided, have rebounding risk at any time. The form that this kind of person likes to use on a grand and spectacular scale is replaced fulfil solidly, hobby consumed is bright beautiful appearance covers contradiction and issue; Fawn on to going up, boasting and toadying, go out of one's way to curry favor, do unprincipled obedience, " all faithful " , to issueing order people by gesture, Yao 5 drink 6, frown sets upright eye, the method is simple and rough; To working practise fraud, deceive one's superiors and delude one's subordinates, masses of deceive leader, bully and oppress, easy and comfortable to him pick easy work and shirk hard ones, covet, scene of debauchery, live a luxury and dissipation life. Wasted limited natural resources namely if really ever since, incur loss through delay each job, estranged people, rotted wind of party conduct politics, final meeting damages the advanced sex of the party and purity badly, damage a party badly be in office foundation and be in office position. Consequently, cadre of leader of every Party member should insist to contrast sound of civilian of party disipline of academic ideal, party constitution, common feelings of people, ancestors is advanced " all sides mirror " , of filling spirit " calcic " , except " 4 wind " kill, the dirty of dispel behavior, stand for civilian make, true implementation party should provide a party, from Yan Zhi party.
Appoint people by abilities is told on the meeting, servant is gotten below the meeting only money. Insist to choose person choose and employ persons correctly to direct, it is earnest within the party the organization that politics lives assures. Current, cadre of a few leaders is told case anthology virtuous can clear and logical, actually appoint people by favouritism, sell an official to sell the rank of nobility is banned repeatedly more than. Apparently scrupulously abide by custom, handle affairs lawfully, knit nets of all sorts of shocking human relations in society closely however actually, do greatly see the dish below the person, shifty that one, with the price clearly marked even mark a price wholesale official cap. If hold the post of its to spread, evil wind evil influence can turn into " regular " become " normal " , belt bad team rots ethos, pollute local politics modes of life and relation to their environment badly, destroy take up a political career environment. For this, force of the air below need unplugs " sodden tree " , treat " ill tree " , " crooked tree " , ailment of a serious illness of next true kongfu dispel, cure, treat not ill, cadre of Party member leader ought to stand fast correct path, promote healthy atmosphere, insist to establish a body with belief, character, get right on the job, handle affairs strictly by party disipline and the law of the state.
The holiday before act is clean-fingered, the behind the curtain is really corrupt. Go with fierce medicine the illness, determination that weighs allusion to treat chaos, in order to blow the courage that bone cure poison, hero breaks wrist, adamantine punish corrupt, it is the show that our party has power. Current, below persistent anti-corruption high pressure, still a few lead a cadre to play greatly " two sides " trick, the prate before act is clean-fingered act according to fair, behind the curtain wantonly take bribes pervert the law. Xi Jinping's secretary-general emphasizes, even if a person has extremely big ability, if do not have very strong law consciousness, do not defend established practice, also cannot become leader cadre, "The person that can make those law consciousness not strong, inordinate anything but one rise step by step, official of this kind of person is become more greatly, bigger to party and national harm " . Clear hereat, cadre of leaders of all levels answers the hangs discipline high bright mirror in the heart, legal ferule is grasped in the hand, witting the measure that works for the official; Purify circle life self-consciously to encircle friend circle, repel the corrupting, never touch, can exchange goods that one be moved anything but come in political life within the party.
Neat home of the cultivate one's morality before the person, the family after the person is corrupt. Party spirit accomplishment, the foundation is moral training. " fall about new condition within the party a certain number of criterion that politics lives " emphasize, leader cadre especially advanced cadre must pay attention to wind of family, family education, home, educational management good relative and beside staff member, "Prohibit jobbery or consequence are seek of family member relatives and friends special take care of, prohibit leading relatives and friends of cadre family member to have a hand in a leader the job inside cadre limits of one's functions and powers, have a hand in human affairs to arrange " . Current, neat home of false cultivate one's morality of cadre of a few leaders, true family is corrupt, the family became exchange of money of the exchanging station that the interest carries, power. The Party member leads a cadre to always should put moral training in significant position, admire be worthy of day, Fu is worthy of the ground, inside be worthy of heart, lay the foundation that firm cultivate one's morality is an upright person, tamp is for the official politics foundation; Be the first carry out goes socialistic core viewpoint of value, tell accomplishment, virtuous, say sincere letter, tell sense of honor, of nurturance Communist have a sharp sense of integrity.
The history is best " monster-revealing mirror " , masses is final judge member. No matter how mechanism calculates, smooth and slick, be out of shape screwy, "Two sides person " escape hard from beginning to end the piercing eye of party and people. Unremitting of Party member cadre is strengthened and normative party is municipal control the life, build wind Qing Dynasty to enrage jointly political modes of life and relation to their environment, "Two sides person " will not establish form of escape of body, nowhere, have no way finally to cause, our party will win party heart common feelings of people continuously, do all one can initiates new phase of party and national enterprise.
(author: Unit of Zhang Shaoyi's writer: Begging is magazine company)
Origin: Study a group

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